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Artist: Amber Rose Olivier


Type: Digital Illustration


Signed: Digital Signature with signed certificate of authenticity.


Edition: This piece is an edition of 10 made to order. 


Size: 104.4 cm x 146.4 cm x 4 cm


Year: 2019


Medium: Original digital illustration printed on HD Aliminum Di-Bond


About: An original digital illustration by Amber inspired by the Kasa an origin word connected to common terms like hat or umbrella. Kasa is often pronounced gasa if it is joined with another word. Note that rendaku causes kasa to change to gasa when it is preceded by another word specifying a type of hat: for example jingasa. Kasa shares its word history with the "umbrella" (which is also pronounced "kasa", but written 傘 in japanese). The mythology of Kasa dates back to Japanese story telling that old umbrellas known as Kasa-obake are mythical ghosts. Everything in this artwork is representational to the origins Kasa. Note the womans face is white like she has seen a ghost, prehaps it is the mythical Kasa-Obake. The woman herself is japanese and her hat is almost umbrella like in shape. The artist likes to add contemporary fashion elements so she has carefully designed a hat with a modern pattern textile to make this hat the focal point of the artwork as the entire piece draws simply on the orgins and meaning of Kasa. In addition to the hat, subtle balance is created by a simple and modest necklace to add depth and an element of fashion design that the artist craves to express on some level in her art and for her characters she creates.

This is 1 of 3 colours in this first edition.




Japanese Kasa Blue Pop

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