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Modern Art by Amber

Discover new Contemporary African Art, Modern Abstract, Pop Art, and Limited Edition Art Prints. 
All made by South African Artist Amber Rose Olivier.

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Paintings on Linen and Canvas.

Pop Art on Aluminium Di-Bond.

Limited Edition Art Prints.

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Amber Rose Olivier is a professional South African artist, currently based in Germany. Amber studied Fashion Design and Textiles at Durban University of Technology in South Africa. She then successfully launched her career in the fashion industry, specializing in footwear. Amber has worked with multiple South African retailers before she was headhunted and hired by Puma headquarters. In 2018 Amber followed her lifelong passion and decided to become a full time artist, growing in popularity ever since.

Amber’s signature style is her pop art creations, only available in small limited editions runs. In addition, she practices various techniques, such as painting, drawing, and mixed media.

Amber’s strong passion for fashion and her career experience have influenced her unique character-based pop art. Her creative process follows similar methods used in range building in the fashion and design industry. 


Amber's inspiration for her pop art often translates as a marriage of fashion and textiles coupled with popular culture trends. Some of her favourite artists, who also happen to be in high demand in the art market place right now, include KAWS, Shantell Martin, Bradley Theodore, Yayoi Kusama and Ashley Longshore. Amber has been featured in Jaamzin Creative Magazine and multiple times on Ello. She has also had one of her artworks posted and commented on by @mercedesbenzusa (instagram account). 


"Art is an evolution of its own, some recognize it and others understand it."

Amber Rose Olivier


Karlsruhe, Germany

+49 174 733 5149